How to Find Your Lucky Numbers

We are not into numerology and we are definitely not your average shady Google ad about finding instant luck, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great tips and tricks on how to choose your lucky numbers for the lottery of your choice. And when we dive a bit deeper, you’ll soon realize luck doesn’t have much to do with your lucky numbers.

There Is No Luck In Lucky Numbers

First of all, let’s debunk some popular myths. You can often hear avid lotto players advocating for always sticking to one set of numbers, but is that substantial? According to Richard Lustig, an author of a book called “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Lottery” and also a seven-time jackpot winner, that is exactly what you should do. In fact, he advises strongly against changing your numbers at any point, but rather sticking to the same combination until it wins you some money.

Of course, you shouldn’t base your decisions solely on a guy trying to sell his story, but he DID win seven times (in a span of 17 years, with around a million dollars in winnings altogether) and some of his advice seems reasonable. He also advises you to stay away from birthdays, which is another great tip, especially when it comes to lotteries that have a number pool larger than 1-31. By choosing birthdays you are unnecessarily limiting yourself and lowering your chances of winning.

Statistics May Be Boring, But It’s Efficient

Also, if you are an average person (as most of us are), you’ve probably picked number 7 more than once when playing the lottery. But, there is no statistical proof that number 7 is one of the lucky numbers, and, on top of that, you really want to avoid it – even if it won you something, you’d probably have to share it with so many people the prize would become insignificant.

On the other hand, although you’ve never probably thought about it, the somewhat “lucky numbers” do exist, if you want to call them that. They are, in fact, the most frequently drawn numbers, which can be found on the internet for many different lotteries.

The Best Numbers For Mega Millions

For instance, when it comes to Mega Millions, numbers 10, 31, 14, 62 and 4 are the most often drawn among the first five numbers. Number 10 drawn 37 times or in a 10,34% (percent) of draws since October 31, 2017, while number 4 was drawn 33 times or in 9,22% (percent) since the same date. For Mega Ball, the most often drawn number is 22, which has been drawn 21 times, or in 5,87% (percent) of drawings. Number 11 is just behind it with 20 times drawn or 5,59% (percent) of drawings.

Naturally, Mega Millions isn’t the only lottery you can draw statistics for, and, of course, you don’t have to choose the first five most common numbers from that list. Instead, take in all of this advice to create your own set of lucky numbers and when you do, remember to stick with them. Don’t limit yourself, do your research, go with your intuition (or numerology even, if that’s your thing), but whatever you choose, don’t change it. Now that you finally know how to do the crucial step for any lottery, try your lucky numbers out and play today!

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