Play Mega Millions Lotto

Not so long ago, one lucky winner won the biggest jackpot in the world for a single ticket. The crazy jackpot was $1,537 billion, and that is what you get when you play Mega Millions lotto. Or when you place a Mega Millions lotto bet.

To clarify, placing a bet on Mega Millions lotto means you are betting on the numbers that are going to be drawn in that day’s lottery draw. If you choose the same numbers which are drawn in the official Mega Millions draw, we guarantee you’ll win the same (crazy) amount of money you would win if you’d bought the physical Mega Millions ticket.

The only difference in this being the people who are doing the payout, so, basically, no difference to you. But, if you would rather buy the ticket, you can also do that through us. Or if you want to buy a ticket AND place a bet, we’ve got you covered in that case also.

Because playing Mega Millions lottery and placing a Mega Millions lotto bet is the same, you should know the rules of the official game.

To play Mega Millions lotto, you must choose from two different pools of numbers. The first one is containing 70 white balls from which you pick your lucky five. Besides that, you also choose one additional number, or MegaBall, as it’s officially called, out of the other 25. And those six number are your winning combination, as simple as that.

Other than the jackpot, Mega Millions, is offering eight other tiers of prizes. You can also win rewards if you have matched these combinations of numbers: 5+0, 4+1, 4+0, 3+1, 3+0, 2+1, 1+1. And when it comes to prizes other than the jackpot, there is also a very lucrative option called Megaplier.

It works in a way that, if played, multiplies your winning by 2, 3, 4, or 5, depending on which Megaplier number is drawn. In other words: your “small” prize can quickly reach the amount of other’s lotteries jackpots! There is one other game, called Just a Jackpot, in which you are excluded in playing for smaller prizes and are aiming just for big one. Of course, the same applies for betting with us: whichever game you choose to play, we guarantee you the same amount you’d win if you’d played the official lottery.
Mega Millions draw is held every Tuesday and Friday so now that you know how to play it, choose your numbers, place a bet or buy a ticket and wait for the draw. Good luck!