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Mega Millions Lottery History

Everything is bigger in America, and Mega Millions is a proof of that in the lottery world. What began as a lottery called The Big Game in 1996, is todays Mega Millions, played in almost all of the United States. The game as we call it today was first played in 2002 and the rest is a (rich) lotto history.

Mega Millions had six big modifications. Back in the 1996, when it was still called The Big Game, players were choosing five numbers out of 50 plus one extra MegaBall out of 25. The odds of winning a jackpot in that moment of a Mega Millions lottery history were 1:52,969,000. The second modification came in 1999, when the MegaBall pool was increased to 36 numbers. After that, in 2002, players were choosing five white balls out of 52, and one MegaBall, also out of 52. In 2005, the white balls pool was once more increased to 56, while the MegaBall pool was decreased to 46. The biggest change in the game came in 2013 when players were choosing five white balls out of 75, but the MegaBall pool had a huge leap to only 15. Today, as of October 2017, players are choosing five white balls out of 70 and one extra MegaBall out of 25. Today’s odds of winning a jackpot stand at 1:302,575,350.

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Alongside the mentioned main game, there is also an option called Megaplier. It provides a possibility of activating a multiplier, playing a x2, x3, x4 or x5 on prizes other than jackpot at additional cost. A basic ticket for one MegaBall combination costs 2 dollars, while a ticket with Megaplier included is 3 dollars, and, as previously mentioned, increases all of the prizes won by the number drawn on the Megaplier. There is also an option Just a Jackpot, in which case player’s numbers can only win a jackpot and are not eligible to win other prizes (there is eight other tiers of prizes: 5+0, 4+1, 4+0, 3+1, 3+0, 2+1, 1+1 and 0+1). The draw takes place in Atlanta each Tuesday and Friday. There are two options of receiving the money you have won: through annuities or as a one-time cash payout (which is always smaller).

And now, that you’ve learned all about it, wait till you hear this: the largest jackpot won in Mega Millions history was 1,537 billion dollars, won in October 2018. This was also the largest prize won for one set of numbers in the world lotto history! And a great reason to start playing Mega Millions today.

Mega Millions Odds


5 numbers + bonus

5 numbers

4 numbers + bonus

4 numbers

3 numbers + bonus

3 numbers

2 numbers + bonus

1 number + bonus

0 numbers + bonus

Winning Odds














$ 500

$ 200

$ 10

$ 10

$ 4

$ 2